About Me

Elijah Toppo is a Machine Learning and Data Analytics practitioner who has a Master of Technology degree in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives. He is proficient in system design, modeling, and analysis, and has experience in simulating designs using MATLAB/Simulink. Elijah is skilled in programming languages such as C, C++, and Python, and has knowledge of PLC, SCADA, and HMI. He has also worked with microcontrollers such as 8051, P89V51RD2, CIP51, STM32F4xx ARM Cortex M4, and Piccolo F28027. Elijah is experienced in hardware prototyping, PCB design, and soldering.

Elijah has worked as a Lecturer in various engineering departments in India, teaching courses in Microcontrollers, Embedded Systems, Advanced Power Electronics, and Electric Circuits. He has also designed courses such as “Using Matlab for Engineering Problems” and provided guidance to several B.Tech and M.Tech students in fields such as Power Systems, Control Systems, and Power Electronics.

Elijah has worked as a Senior Engineer at Safran Engineering Services India and Airbus India, where he was responsible for developing mathematical models of various systems and simulating them in MATLAB/Simulink. He has also implemented fault detection, isolation, and identification for different machine faults and developed scripts and processes to automate and streamline several parts of the project. Elijah has worked on Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) projects and developed an Enhanced Diagnostic model for the Brushless Synchronous Generator (BLSG).

In his current position as a Data Analyst at Airbus India, Elijah is analyzing aircraft sensor data to support studies and derive high-level statistics. He is also developing diagnostic and prognostic solutions for Zero Aircraft on Ground (ZAoG) and training engineers on the Skywise Platform, which is a big-data environment.

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